4 Tips for Rescuers in order not to Get Sick During Sex, In fact Add Favors

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Not always delicious, sometimes sex can actually cause unbearable pain. Pain during sex is usually triggered by several things. For example because there is a disease, psychological condition, or because of the wrong way of sex. To overcome this, you can apply the following tips.

Tips to prevent pain during sex to make it more comfortable

1. Use lubricants

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One reason why for most women sex hurts is the condition of a dry vagina. When the vagina is dry, then you will feel very severe pain when the penis is inserted. Normally, the vagina will release natural lubricants when aroused. However, if you are not really aroused or there are other problems that make the vagina unable to remove natural lubricants, you need lubricants from the outside.

Using water-based lubricants is a wise choice to help make sex feel more satisfying. Because the lubricant with this one ingredient does not damage the condom so that sex remains safe if you are not planning a pregnancy. While oil-based lubricants besides damaging condoms can also increase your risk of vaginal infections.

2. Overcome the root of the problem

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Pain during sex is not only due to inappropriate methods but can be due to psychological and physical factors that are having problems. Therefore, you need to find out in advance what causes you to continue to feel pain during sex. If the problem is psychological, such as stress or depression, you can ask your doctor for advice on getting the right treatment.

If the problem turns out to be your physical, then find the most appropriate treatment. If a man feels pain during erection and ejaculation then you may experience inflammation of the urethra / prostate, genital warts, and various other problems.

Whereas women can be due to genital infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes), ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and other problems. Whatever problem you experience, find the best treatment so that the quality of sex with your partner also increases.

3. Try another position

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<p> Sex is not just about penetration through missionary positions, you can still do other sexual activities that are no less exciting. When the penis-vaginal sex hurts, try other activities such as oral sex, masturbation together, massage each other and feel each other, kiss, or other sex positions that you and your partner like. So, don't just stick to one sex activity. There are many other sexual activities that are no less exciting to do with a partner. </p>
<h3><span id= 4. Prevent pain before sex

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If you already know the cause of the pain experienced and have found a cure, then don't forget to drink it before making love. You can also do various rituals that can help relieve pain and make the body more relaxed like taking a warm bath and emptying the bladder. Thus, sex is no longer frightening but it is even more exciting.

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