5 Places to Store This Cellphone Turns Out to Be Dangerous for Health

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Almost everyone cannot escape from a smart cellphone aka (HP). Starting from waking up, eating, going for a walk, to going back to sleep. In fact, a number of health experts assume that there is not enough evidence to show that mobile phones are dangerous. But apparently, there are various health problems that can arise when you carelessly store cellphones.

Avoid these places when storing cellphones

A director of Environmental Studies and Toxicology at U.S. The National Academy of Science, Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D, MPH, believes that cellphone radiation can trigger serious health problems. This turned out to be triggered by the habit of storing cellphones carelessly.

It should be noted that cellphone radiation is similar to micro radiation which can damage DNA in body cells. If placed carelessly, the emission of radiation can increase the risk of cancer many times over.

That's why, Devra Lee Davis recommends that you routinely keep your cellphone out of your reach every day. You don't have to bother forcing yourself not to touch your cellphone for days. The easiest way you can do is save the phone in the right place.

The following are places to avoid when you want to save your cellphone, namely:

1. Pocket pants

 Cellphone radiation in pants pocket </p>
<p> Most people or maybe you most often keep your cellphone in your pants pocket. But from now on, let's change this habit immediately to maintain your health. </p>
<p> In fact, pants pocket is the worst place to store cellphones. According to Lilly Friedman, MD, an expert chiropractor and therapist from Fort Lauderdale, a cellphone that is active and stored in a trouser pocket can increase its radiation many times over. In fact, if your cell phone is connected to a wireless network, aka Wi-Fi, then the radiation can increase 2 to 7 times greater. </p>
<p> If it continues to be allowed, this method can trigger tumor growth and reduce the fertility of men. The International Agency for Research on Cancer from WHO even says that just sitting alone pocketing HP can trigger pelvic and back problems. </p>
<h3> 2. Under the pillow </h3>
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