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You who have a partner may have (or often, even) kissed your lips. In addition to getting closer to each other and strengthening the bonds of love, it turns out that lip kiss also has several other benefits for the health of our bodies. You may frown, either because of confusion or disbelief.

But in fact, a group of international health experts summarizes the health benefits of kissing in a book entitled The Science of Kissing.

You are certainly curious about the benefits of lip kissing for the body, right? Please refer to the following benefits, and share with your partner. Who knows, it will make you and your partner more intimate.

1. Increasing endurance

Lip kissing helps couples to share millions of bacteria, support the immune system, and makes us better fight disease, said the authors and authors of the book quoted by DailyMail .

Kissing for 10 seconds, there are around 80 million bacteria that are transferred by word of mouth. Some people might think this is rather dirty, but in fact, you will be more easily sick through non-intimate contact, such as shaking hands with other people, experts say.

2. The face gets tighter

As many as 80% of people when kissing, his head tilts to the right and forms an angle. At that time, you make contact and sensory explosions. Lips are 200 times more sensitive than sensitive fingertips.

A slight kiss can make two facial muscles (orbicularis oris) work well. If you kiss passionately ( deep kiss there will be 24 facial muscles, plus 100 other muscles in the body that also work. The more often facial muscles are used, the more tight our faces will be!

In addition, the salivary glands will also start working, pumping out a lot of saliva. When playing the tongue, about 9 ml of saliva comes out into the mouth. The saliva contains one billion bacteria, but the good news is that 95% of these bacteria are harmless.

3. Burn calories

Lip kiss increases the body's work to burn calories through more adrenaline hormone production. Your heart will be pounding, breathing will be heavier, and your palms will sweat. Not bad for a little sensation of mild "exercise".

4. Increased blood flow

Just like exercise, lip kissing is also a mild cardiovascular exercise to maintain heart health. The more awake the exercise, the stronger the heart pumps blood to support our lives. When a woman kisses her male partner in earnest, a shock wave will be created throughout the body and can increase blood flow to certain body parts, which also facilitate the blood flow.

5. Expel negative emotions

Lip kissing can bring physical sensations that can encourage your brain to increase dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is related to pleasure. At the same time, the other parts of the brain turn off negative emotions.

When the two lips meet it is also possible to push your pituitary gland and your partner to release oxytocin so that you both form an emotional bond. After kissing, our body also releases endorphins, a hormone that both makes us happy.

6. Happier

The benefits of a kiss for mental health need not be questioned anymore. Any kind of kiss can reduce tension and make you (and of course your partner) happier. Couples who often kiss, are more likely to have a longer and more satisfying relationship.

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