6 Unknowingly Habits Make Back Pain

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Back pain makes you unable to move freely. Sometimes, just sitting in pain often arises. It's torturous, isn't it? This back pain can be caused by diseases, such as slippery discs (shifts of discs around the spine) or the presence of tumors around the spine area.

Not only that, having certain habits can also be the cause. What are the habits that make your back hurt? Come on, find out what these habits are to help you prevent back pain coming back.

Habits that make you back pain

Almost everyone has experienced back pain. This condition is actually most often caused by daily habits that make the muscles or joints become tense and stressful. If you often feel back pain, you should avoid some habits, such as:

1. Sitting down

 sitting position

Starting from students to office employees usually spend time sitting. Unfortunately, many people sit in the wrong position, for example sitting bent. If you often sit in this position, the normal curvature of the spine can change.

Also, the joint plate can also be damaged. If you let this habit continue, the risk of arthritis (joint pain) becomes greater. In addition to the habit of sitting bent, other poor postures such as standing and wrong walking can cause injury and make the risk of back pain increase.

To avoid it, do a light stretch on your waist and neck to reduce pressure on the muscles every half hour . What stretches can be done in the office? Check in this link, let's go.

2. Eat carelessly

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<p> The body needs vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus every day to build muscle, bones and strong soft tissue around the back. </p>
<p> If you are not careful in choosing food, Moreover, often eating low-mineral but high-sugar foods, the health of the spine can be threatened. The weight will increase, the pressure on the bones around your back will also increase. Worse yet, inflammation around the joints and bones becomes more prone to occur. This condition can cause back pain and various diseases of your bones. </p>
<p> What is the solution? You have to look back on whatever you eat and drink. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits, and other foods that contain protein and healthy fats. </p>
<h3><span id= 3. Lazy motion and infrequent exercise

 tips for starting exercise </p>

<p> You are more prone to experience back pain if you are lazy to move and rarely exercise. "Abdominal muscle strengthening exercises that fail cause poor posture and increase lower back pain, said dr. Nancy E. Epstein, Chair of Spine and Neurosurgery Special Education in Winthrop-University Hospital in New York, quoted from the Everyday Health page. </p>
<p> So, to avoid back pain try not to be lazy to move. Occasionally do stretching between office hours, choose to walk or choose to climb stairs if the distance is close enough. Then, there are a lot of sports choices that you can try. Starting from pilates, lifting weights, swimming, healthy walking, to cycling to tighten the abdominal muscles and increase the stability of the back muscles. </p>
<h3><span id= 4. Smoking

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Chemicals in cigarettes can inhibit blood flow in the spine. In addition, calcium absorption in the body also becomes disrupted. As a result, the process of forming new bones becomes blocked. This condition will make your bones easily damaged and risk of osteoporosis more quickly.

Even though it's not easy, having a smoking habit must be eliminated. Not only damages the bones, almost all organs of the body also suffer from bad effects. Reconsider this habit and consult a doctor if you have trouble stopping smoking.

5. Frequently lifting or carrying heavy items

 heavy bags </h3>
<p><img class= 6. Wear high heels

 use high heels during pregnancy

Even though it can support your appearance and make you much taller, the risk of stiffness in your feet due to high heels may not be possible. Not only that, using long heels can also make you lower back pain.

In order to avoid back pain, be sure to bring or provide flat shoes or sandals. Change high heels You are on your way home, to work, or during breaks.

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