Things You Must Know About Blood Type Diet : A Review

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Blood type diet is a type of popular diet method recommended by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. Diet method D’Adamo is based on the idea that ABO blood type is the most important factor in determining a healthy diet.

Each blood group has a different diet pattern.

Blood type diet methods promise weight loss and other health benefits. Although there are so many rules in it, and this diet must be run strictly, many celebrities in the United States have tried and felt the results.

They admit that their bodies are slimmer and they also avoid various types of lifestyle diseases that often suffer from many people.

Blood type diet book

Dr. D’Adamo wrote a book that is “Eat Right For You Type” in 1996.

In his book, he systematically explained the diet method so that people could easily follow a planned diet based on blood type.

Although there is no scientific research showing blood type can be a predictor for the development of certain diseases, Dr. D’Adamo believes that the design diet can be applied to sufferers of serious diseases to cure them.

Blood type diet basic premise

The basic premise of the diet of the D’Adamo study is that not everyone must follow the same diet.

In addition, the blood type and race of a person determine what tolerance limits should be eaten and what is not.

Based on this, there are 16 food groups that are very useful, neutral or should be avoided.

The consensus between nutritionists, doctors, and scientists is that this diet is not supported by scientific evidence.

The theory underlying dietary blood type is that people with different blood types digest different lectins, and that if a person eats foods that do not match his blood type, they will experience many health problems.

On the other hand, if someone eats the right food, they will be healthier.

Specifically, blood type diets state that each type of blood is a different evolutionary inheritance.

People who belong to blood group O, for example, are considered to have blood types of their ancestors who lived as hunters. Therefore, their diet must be high in animal protein.

Conversely, people in group A blood type must practice a vegetarian diet because this blood type is believed to evolve when the pattern of agrarian society begins.

This book discusses each type of blood type and its relation to the diet described by Dr. D’Adamo and equipped with recipes and the right type of exercise for each blood type. Thus, you can adjust to a unique diet based on your blood type.

Risk of blood type diet

Dietary recommendations based on blood type should be more aware if applied by patients with certain diseases, such as diabetes and kidney disease.

Keep in mind that this diet does not consider a person’s overall health condition, but only based on one factor, namely blood type.

This diet also does not consider if someone is suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Until now there has been no research that has proven this diet can help improve the performance of the digestive system or make the body more energetic.

Weight loss with this blood type diet is likely to occur because the culprit reduces the consumption of unhealthy foods such as fast food and which contain lots of sugar.

This means the success of losing weight is not based on blood type but food choices.

Blood type diet with restrictions on the type of food that is too tight risks making a person experience conditions due to nutritional deficiencies. For example osteroporosis due to lack of calcium, anemia due to iron deficiency, and various vitamin deficiencies.

Although it sounds interesting, this diet is not recommended, because it has not been supported by scientific evidence.

One of the risks of this diet is the difficulty to fully meet nutritional needs because of the prohibition on consuming certain types of food.

Some people claim to feel healthier after undergoing this blood type diet pattern, but that does not mean this is absolute because of the compatibility between blood type and diet, but more because the food chosen and the lifestyle that is lived is healthier.

If you are now trying to lose weight, you should choose a diet plan that has scientific support. Exercise according to your body’s condition and ability. If necessary, consult a nutritionist and doctor to get the best advice.

Excercise for blood type diet

Not just limiting food intake, this blood type diet also suggests how one should exercise.

Blood type O

Type O blood type has a slow blood flow, so you are compatible with intense and continuous exercise programs. Swimming, jogging, cycling, hiking, running, and soccer are sports for the O class. Type O often feels lazy and uninspired, so you don’t need to rush when exercising.

Blood type A

People with type A cannot exercise too much, because they will quickly feel muscle aches and pains. You better do sports that can provide relaxation and meditation, such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, zumba, and aerobics. With these sports, guaranteed blood type A will avoid depression and stress

Blood type B

Blood type B is a person who likes to group and choose exercise for pleasure. Types of exercise that are suitable for B are group cardio, tennis, dance, and gymnastics. It’s not just fun, with this sport. You can get balance on your body and mind

Blood type AB

you who are AB blood type are usually easily provoked by emotions, so you need sports that make you calm. Avoid sports that spend a lot of energy because it will make you depressed. Walking with ease, golf and yoga is one of the things recommended for blood type AB.

Exercising will stimulate endorphins, which are brain chemicals that can make you happy and improve your mood.

So it’s not just healthy, you’re also happy.

In fact, as with dietary rules, the rules of exercise based on blood type have not yet received the support of scientific evidence in the world of medicine.