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One of the main goals of sexual intercourse is to reach orgasm. However, orgasm does not always make the heart happy. Sometimes, some women feel pain or cramps after orgasm. Usually this appears after sex and can make you very uncomfortable, even until you become afraid to make love again.

Dysorgasmia, pain or cramps after orgasm

Dr. Christine Greves, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Winnie Palmer Hospital states that pain and cramps during or after orgasm are called dysorgasmia.

Pain and cramps after orgasm usually occur immediately and for several hours after sex. You can feel cramps anywhere. For example in the vagina, lower abdomen, or back.

What causes cramps after orgasm?

Some women experience painful cramps in the lower abdomen, either during or after reaching orgasm. This can happen because your pelvic muscles contract violently during orgasm, so that this pain can originate from muscle spasms.

Another possibility is the presence of hormonal changes. A study shows that the relationship between the use of birth control pills containing lower estrogen levels (less than 20 micograms) and pain during orgasm. Some women begin to experience pelvic pain during sex when estrogen production decreases during menopause.

In addition to birth control pills, the installation of an IUD (spiral KB) can also cause cramps. This appears regardless of whether or not having sex. If it occurs after sexual intercourse, cramping may be more intense and piercing.

However, in some cases, women's reproductive problems can also trigger pain or cramps after orgasm. For example, if you have pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids.

Maybe this pain or cramping comes from friction that occurs during sex. In pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis, inflammation and pain associated with the condition can become more painful due to penile friction.

Pregnancy may be the cause of cramps after orgasm

As long as you do not have a high-risk pregnancy, having sex is safe and healthy. If your uterus feels cramped after orgasm, this is also a normal condition.

Pregnant women often experience cramps after orgasm because orgasm can trigger contractions in the uterus. This is very common when a woman is in the third trimester of pregnancy.

This also will not have a negative impact on your baby or you. Relaxing for a few minutes can relieve cramping.

However, if cramps continue for more than a few minutes or appear in a few minutes, immediately contact your obstetrician.

Menstruation can also cause cramps after orgasm

During intercourse sex, menstrual pain can be reduced to some degree. However, pressure on the cervix can cause pain afterwards. Women who ovulate and menstruate are more likely to experience cramps after making love and reaching orgasm. Contractions due to orgasm can trigger stomach cramps.

What should be done then?

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs before sex can help, and some people may take antidepressants. Pelvic therapy can be another treatment option. You should also see a doctor to make sure you don't have reproductive problems that cause pain such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or infection.

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