Genderqueer Is A Unique Gender Identity, What Is An Example?

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A man has a special genitals in the form of a penis and testicles. Whereas a woman is born with the breast, vagina, and uterus. But what about someone who feels that he is neither male nor female? No matter what gender they have, they feel that they are not a female or male gender group. Medically, this is known as genderqueer or non-binary . Genderqueer is one of the various gender identities that exist. To be clearer, consider the following review.

Non-binary or genderqueer is one of the gender identities

Generally, a person's gender identity is in accordance with his biological gender or sexual anatomy from birth. Here, someone can be said to be sex as a man or woman. This is clearly different from the term n on-binary or what is also called genderqueer.

G enderqueer is a term used to describe a group of people with gender identity not as men or women. If in their environment they are considered men or women, but they themselves do not openly admit to being male or female.

In other words, regardless of their physical appearance, non-binary or genderqueer groups do not recognize their gender specifically. Or even consider themselves to have two sexes at once. Even though they actually have one sex, or even two (intersex).

That is why third or plural person pronouns for groups of people with gender identity as genderqueer or non-binary are "" or " they / them ", and not " he " or " he / she " which refers to one particular sex as a man or woman only. [19659005]  transgender and genderqueer health problems

Non-binary or genderqueer gender identities have different types

Reporting from various sources, several types of non-binary or genderqueer gender identities namely :

  • Agender
  • Bigender
  • Genderfluid
  • Off the binary
  • Androgynus
  • Boi
  • Butch
  • Ceterosexual
  • Gender neutral
  • Multigender

It should be underlined that one's consciousness the sexual orientation and gender identity they have can emerge at any age. Some have begun to feel that they are different from friends of their age from an early age, but there are also those who just understand it after growing up.

Is genderqueer the same as transgender and intersex?

The answer is no. As explained earlier, [non-binary] or genderqueer is a term in which a person or group of people does not describe themselves specifically as male or female.

While transgender, refers to people who acknowledge their sexes are opposite of their sexual anatomy from birth. In this sense, for example, he feels that his gender identity is female, whereas others see him as a man because he was born with the penis and testicles.

As a result, inner pressure arises from within him because he feels in the wrong body and is uncomfortable with conditions experienced. This is known as gender dysphoria.

A "officially" gender dysphoria is declared transgender when he has done sex change surgery and hormone therapy. The goal is of course to disguise its true identity.

Similarly, intersex, is clearly different. Intersex is defined when a person is born with two genitals, which makes it difficult to be categorized as male or female. Whereas in groups of people with genderquuer only have one sex, but they do not recognize it.

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