Milk for children, what is it like?

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There are many types of milk sold on the market. Starting from fresh cow’s milk, milk powder, UHT milk, skim milk, sweetened thick “milk”, and much more. Now, from all types of milk, which is the best milk for children?

Even though both cows have milk, not all types of milk are the same

Even though they come from the same source, not all cow’s milk has the ingredients and purpose the same usage. In fact some types of milk are not even allowed to be given to children who are still in the stage of growth, because the nutritional content is very little.

For that, you need to recognize the types of milk that are commonly on the market like the following. 19659005] 1. Whole milk

Milk whole milk contains at least 3.25% milk fat and 8.25% not solid fat. At least 50% of calorie intake from milk comes from fat.

2. Low-fat milk

From its name it has been seen that this type of milk contains less fat than whole milk . Low-fat milk contains 0.5-1.5% milk fat and can provide 23% of calories from fat for your body.

3. Skim milk or nonfat milk

Although claimed to be nonfat or fat-free milk, in fact skim milk still contains fat even in very small amounts.

The process of making skim milk involves removing as much fat as possible until leaving no more than 0 5% milk fat. Fat in skim milk only accounts for 5% of calories, while the total calories it has is only about half of the total calories whole milk.

4. Evaporation milk

Evaporated milk is made by removing about 60% of water in milk. Milk is then homogenized, enriched with vitamin D and vitamin A. Evaporated milk is available in the form of whole milk, low-fat milk, and skim milk.

5. Sweetened condensed milk

Sweetened condensed milk (SKM) is milk which is condensed to remove half the volume of liquid to become thick. Sweetened condensed milk is deliberately added in large amounts of sugar which serves as a preservative. In addition, SKM generally has a low protein content.

6. UHT Milk ( ultra high temperature )

UHT milk is processed at very high temperatures to kill various foreign microorganisms in milk and prolong shelf life.

7. Milk powder

Powdered milk is made by steaming liquid milk so that the water content is completely gone and becomes powdered granules. In one tablespoon of nonfat milk powder generally contains 27 calories, 94 mg of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D.

After seeing all kinds of milk available on the market, do not carelessly choose milk for children. Why? Because milk has an important role for the growth of children. Milk can help meet the nutrients that children need in their growth. Therefore, it is important for you to choose milk that contains enough nutrients.

Then, what kind of milk for children is the best?

Choose growth milk (usually in the form of formula milk powder) specifically for children , adjust to his age. This growth milk is intentionally designed to help meet the nutrition that a child needs. No wonder this milk also contains lots of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that children need.

Also adjust to the child’s condition. Some children may be suitable to be given any type of milk and some other children may not be suitable to be given formula milk made from cow’s milk. Well, for children who can’t drink cow’s milk, you can give it soy milk or milk which contains a little cow’s milk protein.

What about UHT milk and sweetened condensed milk)? Because the presentation is easier and the taste is also delicious, some children may prefer to be given the milk. However, for children who are in a period of growth, especially toddlers, UHT milk and SMK are still unable to meet their nutritional needs. Both milk contains more sugar than its important nutrients. Not not to be given, but should not be too often.

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