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Who doesn't like chocolate, candy or donuts? Wow, sweet and tasty food is indeed loved by many people, including you. Unfortunately, it can have a bad effect if eaten too much. For example, cavities, zits increase, and can make your weight rise. In the long run, you can also get the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Well, that's why you have to pay attention to the foods that contain sugar that you often consume. Some of the following sugar-free foods can help you who are on a sugar-free diet.

Various kinds of sugar-free foods

The body needs energy every day to do various activities. This energy is produced from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from the foods or drinks you consume. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy, while fat and protein are energy reserves.

When you go on a low-sugar diet, you replace the body's energy sources from foods that contain fat or protein. The following is a list of foods containing sugar free.

1. Fresh meat

 probiotic chicken

Beef, lamb, turkey, chicken do not contain sugar if they are fresh and not processed. Not meat that has been packaged, such as sausages, meatballs, or even smoked meat. Packaged meat usually has added sugar to add flavor and preservatives. Likewise by processing, for example breaded there will be additional carbohydrates from sugar.

If you are on a low-sugar diet, you will get carbohydrates from fat and protein in meat. The amount of carbohydrates also depends on the type of meat you eat. You can enjoy lean beef or healthier chicken meat.

2. Fresh fish

 salmon skin

Fresh fish does not contain carbohydrates and sugar, but is rich in protein. In addition, fish also contain unsaturated fatty acids, namely omega 3 which is important for maintaining heart health, brain function, and cholesterol levels. These unsaturated fatty acids are found in tuna, salmon, or anchovies.

But just remember that only fresh fish are sugar free, fish packed in cans or processed with flour coated with added carbohydrates from sugar.

3. Vegetables

 low-carbohydrate vegetables

Potatoes or pumpkins are vegetables that do have a high natural sugar content. However, it does not necessarily make all vegetables have the same natural sugar levels. There are some vegetables that have less than 1 gram of sugar per 50 grams in weight. Very small, right?

Some of these vegetables are cauliflower, celery, eggplant, cabbage, asparagus, lettuce, mushrooms, turnips, tomatoes, spinach, beans, broccoli, and cucumber. All of these vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water that help the body to regulate blood sugar balance.

In fact, diabetics are free to eat these vegetables in the diet or snack menu, according to the American Diabetes Association, as quoted from Live Strong

4. Nuts

 baked beans

Nuts that are not processed are high sugar-free foods containing double unsaturated fats. In fact, it is easy to combine with other foods, such as salads, topping yogurt, even for snacks.

Packaged nuts are usually added sugar or salt and the oil content has been removed. Some low-sugar nuts include almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts.

Also note how to process food and drinks that can affect the amount of sugar

Although fish, meat, vegetables and nuts are sugar-free foods . When processed or cooked, you might not want to add the taste of salty, spicy, sour, of course the sweet taste in the food. Take it easy, you can still add sweetness with low-calorie sugar.

To fry fish and meat or saute vegetables, you should use olive oil. Even with coffee or tea, you are free to choose not to use sweeteners or to use additional sweeteners that are low in calories.

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