Should You Use Condoms During Oral Sex? Will it remain delicious?

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Oral sex is a sexual activity that involves the mouth to stimulate the partner's penis or vagina. This sex activity may be the safest to avoid pregnancy. However, when viewed in terms of health, oral sex can spread venereal disease. During oral sex, the mouth will immediately touch the skin and body fluids (semen, blood, vaginal fluid, urine) which are the main sources of the spread of all germs that cause disease. Does it mean that you need to use a condom during oral sex? See the answer here.

Need to use a condom during oral sex?

 Venereal disease from oral sex

You need to use a condom every time you do all kinds of sexual activities, including oral sex. Condoms must be prioritized for use during oral sex, especially those involving the mouth to the penis.

Using condoms during oral sex is safer, because it can protect you from various venereal diseases that can be transmitted to the mouth. Condoms prevent body fluids from entering the body, which can later transmit disease from your partner.

Even if you use condoms during oral sex, you can still enjoy pleasant sexual activity with your partner. Especially now that many condoms are designed as thin as possible, so using condoms during oral sex will not reduce the sensation.

In addition, many condoms are available with various types of flavors. With flavored condoms, oral sex with a partner can be more fun. You can also add delicious kuluman with a unique flavor variant.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about condoms will disturb the sensation of making love to you and your partner. Enjoying oral sex will increase, if you do it safely and healthily.

Before you buy it, always read the packaging first and make sure the condom is safe for use during oral sex.

Tips for safe and healthy oral sex

 error during oral sex

Using condoms during oral sex is the main safe and healthy way. In addition, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to when having oral sex with a partner.

Bathing before and after oral sex

Bathing and cleaning your genitals as clean as possible. Especially if you are planning other sexual activities after that, such as penile and vaginal penetration.

Use lubricants

Try using lubricants during oral sex, to avoid excessive friction on the teeth. Choose water-based lubricants, or silicones that are safe if in direct contact with the mouth and genitals.

Look for the slightest wound or dirt

The body of a couple who looks healthy and fit is not guaranteed to be healthy and clean. Therefore, before having oral sex, you and your partner should see clearly, whether there are injuries or other fluids found on each genitals.

Change condoms if you want to continue the second round

Condoms that you use when Oral sex will be full of bacteria from your mouth. If you want to continue the second lovemaking session, such as penetration of the penis into the vagina. We recommend that you replace your condom with a new one to avoid spreading bacteria that can enter your genitals and partners.

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