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Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels soar. Normally, the sugar in the blood must enter the body's cells with the help of insulin to be broken down into energy so that it can be used by the body. However, in diabetics, insulin cannot work according to its function. As a result, sugar continues to flow freely in the blood. To help insulin work well, medication is needed and additional insulin may be needed. However, the use of injectable insulin drugs sometimes makes weight gain. Is being fat after injecting insulin is a dangerous side effect of insulin? See the following review.

Treating high blood sugar with insulin

 signs of high blood sugar and how to overcome it

Actually, if detected early, high blood sugar levels can be treated only with changes in a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, according to Prof. Dr. dr. Sidartawan Soegondo, Sp.PD-KEMD, FACE, who was met at the Media Briefing on "New Generation Insulin, New Hope for People with Diabetes" (13/11) this disease is sometimes detected late.

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Treatment of diabetes using insulin is known as the most effective treatment method in controlling glucose levels in the blood. Insulin injections provide the most effective results in maintaining HbA1C levels to remain stable compared to oral drugs. Even though it is known to be able to bring significant results in controlling blood sugar, in fact there are still many who are "afraid" of insulin therapy due to some side effects, such as hypoglycemia and weight gain.

Why is the body fat after injecting insulin?

 the child's body rises

Someone with diabetes usually has a thin physical appearance. This is caused by cells starving due to sugar can not enter the cell. Through insulin therapy, the patient's condition is improved, so that sugar can enter the cells of the body so that the body's cells can get food and metabolic processes to run normally.

That is the hope desired by every doctor and patient with diabetes. Unfortunately, some patients complained of weight gain after they took insulin. Yes, they reported that they became obese after injection of insulin.

"Weight gain due to insulin sometimes occurs due to doses of insulin short-acting or uncontrolled portions of food," explained Prof. DR. dr. Sidomedia Soegondo. Insulin [short term] short acting is fast-acting insulin which is usually given before meals, at least 30 minutes. This fast-acting insulin injection is expected to help blood sugar levels in the patient's body not soar too high after eating.

Someone who becomes fat after injecting insulin, still according to the doctor who is familiarly called Dr. This Sidar, is caused by the actual blood sugar levels that have been good. "If someone's blood sugar level is good, but still injected, he will definitely feel hungry before lunchtime – if the injection is morning. As a result he will eat before his hour, otherwise he will be hypoglycemic, "he explained.

" It could be, later at lunch time, patients will eat again. Finally, the portion of the meal became double . Once examined, the doctor may find that his blood sugar has not decreased (because he ate more portions). As a result, the insulin dose is added. The more added, the more hypoglycemia. The more hypoglycemia, the more hungry. Finally, he continued to eat, so the weight went up, "said Prof. Sidar.

When a person uses insulin, blood sugar can enter and be broken down by the cells of the body so that the blood sugar levels drop. With the help of insulin, your body can work as before to break down glucose and give you energy. So, what happens if you eat an excess portion?

Your body's cells will convert glucose in the blood into energy as needed. Meanwhile, if your body has got the energy it needs and glucose is still left, glucose in the blood will be stored as fat reserves. The more portions you eat, the more fat reserves will accumulate. That's what causes you to become fat after injecting insulin.

How do you not get fat after injecting insulin? well. You might actually become obese and treatment won't work optimally. What should be done so that the body does not become fat after injecting insulin? [1945900]

We already know that weight gain after insulin therapy is generally caused by too much food or a dose of insulin that may have to adjusted again. So, controlling the portion of food is an important thing to do. If possible, avoid eating too much carbohydrate. Instead, consume foods that contain more protein.

Being physically active is also a lifestyle change that you have to do constantly. The portion of eating a lot when balanced with appropriate physical activity will help maintain your ideal body weight. However, also pay attention to not to exercise to make you hypoglycemia.

Finally, it is very important to be sensitive to the signs given by your body. If you have taken medication, including insulin, as recommended, but hunger comes faster, it could be a sign that you need a dose adjustment. Consult your doctor before lowering the dose or stopping treatment.

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