There are people who work to think about sex continuously, what is the reason?

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When a person is physically and emotionally mature, it is very normal to start thinking about sex often. This does not only apply to men but also women. Surprisingly, there are people whose brains cannot stop thinking about sex to the point of being nicknamed "having a brain in the groin" or pervert.

Cause someone keeps thinking about sex

Actually thinking or fantasizing about sex is not wrong. However, if everything is connected to sex or nasty things, you may need to reflect. It could be that these three things make your mind filled with sex.

1. Being bored

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Thinking about sex is sometimes unavoidable, just like when you dream. This thought can come anytime, including when you're bored. There is no definite trigger why someone often thinks about sex.

Although sometimes unintentional, one can intentionally imagine sex. This can be done because when thinking about sex, a person becomes happier and immersed in his own imagination.

2. Sexual arousal is increasing

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Sexual passion is one of the important aspects that can determine sexual satisfaction and is the reason why people often think of sex. In a study at the University of Kentucky found the fact that the higher a person's passion, the better the sex life will be.

When hormones in the body continue to rise, this will affect sex drive. Sexual arousal can increase due to various things, from beginning to menstruation in women, or when you see something that triggers arousal increases. Watching porn videos for example, can make your sex drive increase and difficult to control.

Porn videos show scenes of intimate relationships and vital parts of the body clearly. This can trigger a burst of hormones in the body to become uncontrollable to make you keep thinking about it even though you have not watched it.

Besides watching porn videos, sexting with a partner can also make someone often think about sex. This is because s [ex] can trigger your wildest imagination.

3. Sex addiction

 Sex addiction [1945255] </p>
<p> Sex addiction or in medical terms called hypersexual disorder is a condition when a person continues to think or do all sexual activity with an increasing intensity, lasts at least 6 months and occurs repeatedly. As a result, this condition has a long-term negative impact on the life of someone who experiences it. </p>
<p> People who are addicted to sex usually experience a condition in which fantasy, encouragement, and sexual behavior cannot be lost from the mind let alone controlled. Usually, this condition is characterized by: </p>
<li> Continuing to fantasize about sex and carrying out various sexual activities. </li>
<li> Making sex a solution when stressed. </li>
<li> Can not control or reduce the frequent sexual drive. </li>
<li> Always carry out activities sexual repetition without putting aside health and emotional risks in oneself and others. </li>
<li> Fantasy, encouragement, and sexual behavior are not derived from drug effects but come from oneself. </li>
<li> In quite extreme cases, someone will be involved in criminal activities that smell of sex including stalking, raping, or even incest sex (with people who are bleeding). </li>
<p> It can be concluded that thinking about sex is normal. However, if you overdo it and harm yourself and others like when you are addicted to sex, then you need to consult an expert immediately. </p>
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