Use Condoms Can Be Pregnant Also If These 6 Errors Occur

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Sex using condoms is a solution for couples who don't want to have a baby. In addition, the use of condoms can also protect themselves from possible transmission of various venereal diseases. Although it is quite effective, the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy is not 100 percent guaranteed. Why can using a condom get pregnant? This might happen if you make a mistake or carelessness when using a condom.

Why have you used a condom to get pregnant?

Mistakes in using a condom certainly make the condom not function properly and correctly. That is, sperm can penetrate in to meet the egg and fertilization occurs. If this is the case, pregnancy can occur. Your plan to prevent pregnancy can be disturbed.

For this reason, it is important for you and your partner to understand what is wrong with using a condom.

1. Condoms damaged

 condom size

It is unlikely that condoms will be damaged while still packed neatly in the wrapper. Because, after completion, the factory will check the condition of the condom again with electronic scanning. This stage is done to see if there are parts of the condom that are torn or hollow.

However, storing improper or long-stored condoms can also damage the condom. Store condoms at hot temperatures (for example in a car, on a motorcycle trunk, or in a wallet) and stack them with other objects that can dilute the condom so that it is more easily torn when used.

Condom damage can also occur when the condom is opened from the packaging with scissor. Scissor pieces can hit parts of the condom and make the condom damaged. This error can still be prevented, if you pay close attention to the condition of the condom before use. If the color is faded, worn, and not tinted, it should not be used.

2. Use double condoms

 characteristics of condoms expire

Have you ever used your brain using two condoms to anticipate leakage? Although logically acceptable, the fact is that the risk of condoms failing to block sperm is more likely to occur if you use a double condom. So the effort you do is in vain, right? This error occurs because friction increases so that the condom becomes more fragile and prone to tearing. Well, that's why using condoms can get pregnant too.

3. Use condoms that have already been used

 condoms are used twice

The atmosphere is intimate, but there is no supply of condoms so the reason some couples use the same condom twice. Using a condom that has already been used (or has ejaculated more than once) certainly makes the condom stretchy and easy to escape. The condom also becomes vulnerable to being torn because it continues to rub and the contents may be full.

Besides the condition is not feasible to use, the level of cleanliness of condoms is no longer guaranteed. If you continue to use, your risk of getting venereal disease will increase.

4. Too fast to release condoms

 flavored condoms [1945921] </p>
<p> Using condoms can indeed reduce pleasure in making love, according to several couples. This discomfort makes you rush to remove the condom, even though your hot session still continues. Beware, if you are re-aroused the possibility of you having unprotected sex in the next session can occur. </p>
<h3><span id= 5. Unsuitable condom size

 unprotected sex

Just like clothes, condoms also have various sizes. If you buy the size of a condom wrong, you should not use it. Condoms that are too large will be easily separated and if too narrow it will easily tear. In addition to making you uncomfortable during lovemaking, the function of condoms to prevent pregnancy is also not optimal.

6. Do not use lubricants

 Lubricant sex lubricants make it difficult to get pregnant

Sex lubricants are useful for smoothing and reducing pain during penetration. However, lubricants can also keep condoms safe to use. Having sex for a long time without lubrication can increase skin friction and condoms. As a result, condoms will tear and sperm can leak.

However, the choice of the wrong type of lubricant can also damage condoms. The use of oil-based lubricants with latex condoms can actually make condoms easily torn. So, it's better to choose water-based lubricants only.

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