Watch out for symptoms of acute bronchitis that starts from a cold

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Many people, including you, often underestimate colds. Although this disease is easy to cure, even without drugs, it is possible to get worse if the cold can cause complications. One complication of colds that is quite dangerous but rarely known is acute bronchitis. Come on, find out the symptoms of acute bronchitis that started with the following cold.

How can a cold cause acute bronchitis?

Colds are a viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract, most commonly rhinovirus. This virus is very easy to enter the body, through the air you breathe or touch objects that are contaminated with the virus.

When the virus infects the body, you will feel symptoms of sore throat, itchy nose that often sneezes, watery eyes, and feels mucus behind the throat. This condition can be cured with non-prescription drugs available at pharmacies such as decongestants, paracetamol, or ibuprofen.

Although rare, colds can also cause complications, one of them is bronchitis or bronchial tract inflammation. "Most acute bronchitis in children and adults is caused by a viral infection," explained Dr. Fernando Holguin, a medical lecturer from the University of Colorado in the United States, as reported by Everyday Health.

Why can a cold turn into bronchitis? Colds cause increased mucus production so that it flows into the throat and lungs. The number of infected mucus can irritate cells in the bronchi and cause inflammation.

Signs and symptoms of bronchitis that originates from a cold

 causes of cough with phlegm and dry cough

Symptoms of bronchitis all you can be aware of is coughing. Cough that appears during a cold is the body's natural response to excess mucus. The type of cough that occurs during colds is usually a dry cough. This condition will improve at least 2 weeks after you recover from a runny nose. In addition to not recovering, a cough that indicates symptoms of bronchitis usually accompanied by green or yellow phlegm.

In addition to phlegm cough, bronchitis also causes other symptoms. Starting from night sweats, wheezing (low-pitched breath), fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius, the body feels weak, to coughing up blood.

Is cold bronchitis preventable?

 Cold myths

Dr. Carlos Picone, MD, respiratory expert at Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington explained that prevention of bronchitis that starts from a cold is quite difficult. Because the nose, throat and lungs are connected and close to each other.

However, you don't need to worry. If you can prevent colds, bronchitis can also be avoided. How to? Follow some tips to prevent colds and bronchitis, such as:

  • Wash your hands often with soap. Do this habit before and after eating, or when preparing food. Avoid touching your nose or face if your hands are not clean because the virus attaches easily to your hand.
  • Use a mask if a friend or family is sick. Using a mask can prevent direct exposure to the virus when people who are having a cold sneeze, cough or talk.
  • Eat nutritious foods. Nutritious healthy foods can enhance the immune system. That is, the body will be stronger against disease or recover faster if you have a cold.

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