What Does It Mean If the Urine Color Changes After Drinking Alcohol?

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The color of urine can indeed be one indicator of your health. There are many things that can cause the color of your urine to change, such as after drinking alcohol. What is the meaning of the discoloration?

Don't panic if the color of urine is clear after drinking alcohol

Most people may see their urine bright yellow to pale. If this happens, it means you have less fluids. Actually, the color of healthy urine is not color at all aka clear. This indicates that the body is well hydrated.

Well, if your urine is clear after drinking alcohol, of course you don't need to worry because it is not a sign of dehydration. Indeed alcohol does not directly affect the color of urine, but this type of drink can make you dehydrated.

Well, when dehydration occurs the color of urine will change. When this happens, you should be vigilant.

Deep brown urine after drinking alcohol you need to watch out for

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Urine can turn dark brown due to alcohol. Well, this is the color that you need to be aware of. The dark brown color of the urine indicates your body is dehydrated. How come? Alcohol which is a diuretic makes you continue to urinate. If you drink alcohol without being balanced by drinking water, the risk of dehydration will increase.

The kidneys need the hormone vasopressin to absorb water entering the body. Alcohol can inhibit the production of this hormone, so that water is not reabsorbed by the kidneys and just wasted with other body wastes.

Wasted water will accumulate in the bladder and stimulate the surrounding muscles to contract. At that moment, you will feel the urge to urinate. Therefore, you want to go to the bathroom while drinking alcohol. You need to know that drinking 50 grams of alcohol can remove body fluids up to 1 liter as urine.

Also, drinking too much alcohol can also cause stomach nausea and vomiting. This condition will certainly reduce the fluid that is in your body more.

Identify other signs of dehydration

Signs and symptoms of dehydration are not just changes in the color of urine. Symptoms vary and each person has different symptoms.

Symptoms of dehydration that you may experience include dry mouth and feeling very thirsty, headaches, or cramps in certain parts of the body. In conditions that are more severe and not treated immediately, dehydration will cause the heart to beat faster, difficulty breathing, until finally losing consciousness.

Dehydration after drinking alcohol can be prevented. You should limit alcohol to one drink and pay attention to your fluid intake as long as you drink alcohol. If dehydration occurs, ask for medical help.

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