When Love Begins to Fade Due to Too Long LDR? Try These 4 Tricks to Get Close the Distance • Healthy Hello

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Life is far from one another because the LDR often makes connections over time so it is no longer as beautiful as it once was. What you usually can directly face to face and ask for a hug when you miss, now must be willing to take a bitter bite just staring at the screen device to exchange messages, call, or video call.

It is undeniable that in fact the intimacy of physical contact is wrong one important foundation that can maintain the harmony of a relationship. Therefore, not a few LDR couples are quickly separated because they feel their love has begun to fade by distance and time. If so, what should I do?

Tips for LDR couples to be more romantic

It's not easy to undergo a long distance relationship, aka LDR, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Boredom and insecurity ( insecure ) are also naturally experienced by LDR couples. In fact, those two negative emotions must also have been experienced by each pair that are close together, how come!

Well, if you start to feel bored of LDR, try the following tricks rather than heart because you are burdened with wanting to break up (even though, still actually still in love).

1. Try new ways of communication

Maintaining communication is the most important and most important key in establishing relationships. Especially for LDR pairs. As long as there is still internet, communication lines are not an obstacle. You can chat every day even with your partner every day.

Now, try looking for other, more fun ways to exchange messages. For example, if you every day or almost every time reply to a short message, try to reduce the intensity of the chat only to be a few times a day. Enough to just give news to your partner.

Then, end your daily routine with a video call or call with him to exchange stories. From the most trivial, most hilarious, to the most annoying thing in your day. Face to face even though only through the screen of a gadget can treat longing and arouse your mood.

Another unique way is to send letters like old pen pals. The letter will arrive at the destination for a long time, but nothing beats the sensation of waiting while the beloved letter finally arrives. Not to mention if you include a unique souvenir that can remind yourself of you.

2. Honest with your partner

Honest is the LDR tips which are also as important as communication. Be honest and say what you feel during your long distance relationship is important.

Tell me anything that makes you happy while you are living with the LDR until it bothers you, including boredom and jealousy that is unclear.

Explain what you feel and then find a solution together.

3. Try new things with a partner

Although separated by character and time, you can still do many things with your partner. For example, watching the same film, reading the same book, discussing news that is popular together, joint sports, sex through video calls, to other new things that can be done together.

Thus, your long distance relationship and the partner remains pleasant and far from being bored, like a couple who is always close together.

4. Plan to meet

The most effective LDR tips for missed medication is a meeting. If indeed you and your partner's distance are only different cities, visit your partner even if only for a moment.

There is no need to ascertain how long you and your partner have to meet, but what is important is the moment of meeting.

closest to you and your partner. Plan what activities you and your partner will do when you meet later. This way you will be more enthusiastic about this long-distance relationship.

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